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Moving to GitHub

Google has announced a while ago it will be shutting down its Google Code service, so new home for some of the open-sourced tools should be found. That’s why I switched to GitHub and all the links in previous posts and software and tools page have been updated for their new location.

On top of that, I’m determined to continue sharing the code – my own and of some other developers, with their permission, of course. As I stated at the IIUG earlier this year, this is something we, the Informix community, should do to help Informix grow and become more accepted: share the knowledge, share the code – scripts, queries, tools we write and use. No matter how small or insignificant the code may be, there is always a novice out there who’ll find it useful.

With that regard, while migrating away from the Google Code, I was happy to see there were more than 2350 downloads of the ifmx-sql-editor binaries. Hopefully it is useful to somebody out there, as it is to me :-). Some new additions to it are on the way as well. Stay tuned.


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