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The Book: Data Just Right

I realized there is a number of books covering databases and data handling that I go through or am in touch with, but I never mention any of those or give any credit to authors, so I’m gonna change that starting today.

Recently I came across the book called Data Just Right by Michael Manoochehri. It is subtitled Introduction to Large-Scale Data & Analytics. Books with this kind of name could hide anything, quite often restraining themselves to one or two technologies, but this is not the case with this one. It is a review of a current state of data management and analytics, with a lot of sense for data management history and current needs and trends in this field. Reading this book won’t teach you how to use Hadoop, Pig, R or anything like it. It will give you the perspective of various technologies used today, show some examples and try to help you find the right tools for your needs.

What I found interesting about it is the broadness of technologies and ideas being covered. In the book, especially in the opening chapters, there are so many products, languages, tools, names, methodologies mentioned, that only a selected few of data experts could know about all of them. Codd, OLAP, NewSQL, BigQuery, SOX, Tableau, SciPy, to name just a few. For a book of only 200 pages, there is an index of more than a 1200 entries in it. So, in my humble opinion, this is why this book is worth going through – it gives a good perspective of data technologies to any kind of reader, data management novice, expert, CIO, CTO. In the same time, this is a burden for the book, because it will require some changes in the following editions to stay current in a fast changing data management and analytics landscape. This first edition is certainly worth reading.

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