The Biggest Informix Circus Moves to Miami

Finally it is official. The biggest Informix circus in the world moves next year to Miami, FL, USA. For all of us coming from Europe (hope I get to go!), this means a shorter and maybe a slightly cheaper flight, shorter time difference and hence easier jet-leg to overcome. As for the downsides, seams like the Marriott hotel itself is somewhat pricier than the one in San Diego, and I’m a bit concerned about a limited number of rooms available. Hope all of Informix party will squeeze in.

It will be nice to visit a new place. We’ve been in the central USA, on the West Coast, now it’s time for the East Coast. What’s next? IIUG guys, may I suggest another continent 😉

Anyway, before this conference we have more actual Informix events ahead of us. The Informix >> (Fast Forward your Data) Conference – our Adria IUG main event of the year – will be held in fall in Zagreb, Croatia, and as always, we expect skilled and prominent speakers. More news of that will follow as soon as we confirm all the details. There is another Informix event in prospect in this same time frame here in Croatia, but not confirmed just yet. It’s getting lively again after the summer break…


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