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New, Faster Informix

For the last couple of months I’m involved in Informix Centaurus EVP, and being a part of it is a very nice thing because (among other benefits) you have the opportunity to test the cool new features of the version before it is generally available. Now, having singed the non-disclosure agreement, I can’t really say much, but there is one thing I believe IBM won’t mind me mentioning.

Some time ago I heard a story how each new version, just out of the box, is faster than the previous one. Using our stress test feature with Apache Jmeter that I previously explained in this post, I produced the same bunch of tests on the two instances – 11.70 and 12.10. Both versions were set up on the same machine, using the exactly same hardware and same configuration. Data chunks (cooked files) were on the same partition, and the databases were, of course, identical for the tests. To sum it up, in the identical environment, our test have shown that 12.10 was up to 3% faster than the 11.70. With no extra configuration or tune-up whatsoever.


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