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PDQ Priority in Innovator-C Edition with AUS

If you recently downloaded and installed Innovator-C, and haven’t mess with any of default AUS (auto-update statistics) settings, you’ve probably noticed a bunch of warnings in your online log that appear on Saturdays and Sundays, that look like this:

Warning: PDQ functionality is not supported in IDS Innovator-C Edition.
The value of PDQPRIORITY cannot be set to 10. It is reset to 0.

The reason for this is that obviously auto update statistics refresher is trying to set the PDQ priority to 10, which is not allowed in Innovator-C edition. You can change this by editing the sysadmin:ph_config table (as user informix):

SELECT * FROM sysadmin:ph_config WHERE name = 'AUS_PDQ';
UPDATE sysadmin:ph_config SET value = 0 WHERE name = 'AUS_PDQ';

This value is actually inserted while creating sysadmin database (see the file $INFORMIXDIR/etc/sysadmin/sch_aus.sql). Since each Informix edition is packed separately, the guys at IBM will hopefully change this file, so people who are new with Informix don’t get the wrong idea about the product.


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