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IIUG Conference 2012 – Very Short Recap

This years conference, according to organizers was the biggest ever! Don’t know if the reason was moving to San Diego, but it was certainly nice to visit a new place. The sessions were great, keynotes as well, got to know some new guys, to make some deals, and the opportunity to speak to Jerry Keesee.

A bit of local-patriotism. Croatia being a relatively small country, got two very nice acknowledgments this year. My very own professor Mirta Baranović got the IIUG Directors Award (together with Scott Lashley). Also, our Adria IUG president, Hrvoje Zokovic is third time IBM Information Management Champion. Congratulations to all! And also congratulations to Andrew Ford for wining the Fastest DBA Contest. What a win that was – Andrew made the test engine commiting three times more transactions than the second-ranked contestant!

There’s another interesting thing worth pointing out. I learned about It is a crowdfunding site for visual journalism run by Jan Husar. There are lot of cool projects seeking funds by this site, so I recommend checking it out. Oh yes, it is powered by Informix, of course.



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IIUG Conference 2012

With IIUG conference under a week to go, it’s time to take a look at a conference schedule. Here are some of my own recommendations on what to attend and who to listen. Please bear in mind these are based only on my preferences and knowledge of presenters, so if I miss anybody, it doesn’t mean a thing :). For those of you who unfortunately are not attending the conference, I suggest to log on to member area and search for presentations as soon as they’ll be available.

Keynotes should definitely be attended. Hoping to find out more about IBM’s future plans for Informix and the next release. Also on this topic, Mahesh Dashora will speak about roadmap for 2012 and beyond (F09).

For all of you (us) interested in utilizing the mobile platforms, there are two sessions on Android (B03. Informix and Android: dbaccess, OAT, and more; and B15. Mobilize your data with Informix & Android), one on iOS (C05. Informix Applications Uncovered on iOS) and one on development with Genero (G12. Developing a mobile application in Genero).

There is never enough talk about security, so be aware of sessions by Tom Beebe (A03. Application Security For Informix Developers) and Jonathan Leffler (H03 and H15. Demo of IDS Security features).

Also, there will be a number of sessions regarding smart metering and time series data (C15, D11, E02, E03, E12, H06) hope to see some interesting new examples of time series usage, especially those which could also be applied in different areas of work.

If you are in warehouse business, attending sessions (co)authored by Frederick Ho should be mandatory: A02. How To Achieve Leaps in Warehouse Query Performance with IDS ; A17. Deploying Solutions with Informix Warehouse Accelerator – Customer Experiences; E17. Informix Warehouse Accelerator – A look at the First Year and Beyond; F01. Data Warehousing Technology Trends – What You Need to Know.

And last, but certainly not the least, there are some guys who know and understand Informix way better than vast majority of us. I’d suggest to attend sessions by (alphabetical order): Art Kagel, Lester Knutsen, Jonathan Leffler, John Miller III, Madison Pruet.

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