Error in Creating /INFX_TMP_FILE

Ever seen a message like this in the subject? This one occurred while trying to start a fresh instance (11.70xC3) on a clean machine. During the install, group informix was created, but user informix was not – the error was written in the install log, but there was no any other notification. I’m guessing that’s the reason why /INFORMIXTMP dir was not created. After you create informix user manually, you have to create this directory also, and set right permissions on it.

So, if you start your instance and see something like this in the online log:

Assert Failed: net_init.c, line 287, thread 1, errno=13, error in creating /INFX_TMP_FILE.

you need to have INFORMIXTMP in the root dir:

drwxrwxr-t   2 informix informix     225 nov 22 12:00 INFORMIXTMP

But why write about this, when it seems so trivial? Simply because there is no ANY mention of INFX_TMP_FILE in Informix documentation, nor you can google any site for this string. Don’t really get it, why isn’t just /INFORMIXTMP mentioned in online log, instead of introducing new “variable” with no reference in documentation?



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